ameskaneart said: 

God I love your blog. (And by “blog,” I also mean “cock.”)

Aw, thank you~

gingahhh said: 

thats why i stay in bed

I feel you. The last thing anyone wants is an audience/mental competition

I really wanna start running again, but there’s this girl that looks like she’s a few years younger than me who runs so much further than I ever did back when I was doing it everyday and I don’t wanna be embarrassed by a white girl in a high ponytail bouncing down the street faster and longer than me.


Tbh that's one of the best nudes you've ever taken. It's not grainy and dark lol you're getting better!! I love it! Ps your cock is amazing and don't shave or trim your pubes!

I bought a good lamp a few days ago, so everything is well lit now~ And thank you!

I was gonna take good nudes, but I didn’t feel like jerking off, so here’s a borderline semi~