Kitty fart

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All you straight guys out there pay attention…. IF YOU LOOK LIKE THIS YOU NEED TO BE MAKING THIS KIND OF SHOW OFF VID.

I haven’t done laundry yet so no shorts tonight

Trying 2 sing along to ur favourite song when youre drunk
+ 46,829 plays
person: wow you drink so much water, you're so healthy!!
me: i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated

Ugh. I just really want to suck a dick right now.

I feel you, but like, I don’t want to suck one rather than be the receiver tbh


Ok seriously thank you cause I told myself what you just told me but I never listen to myself and needed a second opinion. We're going on our third date and I feel like he's the type to move really fast cause he likes to call me and talk on the phone just cause and I'll definitely be more involved since you made me feel less guilty. Thank you so much, you're the best and I love your blog!

Thank you! I wish you tons of luck!!


ok so I have a huge crush on this cute boy I have in a couple of my classes right. So I first heard a rumor that he messed around with some guy but everyone was like "no way he's straight", so I kinda wanted to see for myself I guess. So I pretty much catfished him to see if he would go along with it and he did so I ended up just not messaging him from the number I was catfishing him from and waited a few months and started talking to him as myself. We're talking now but I feel kinda guilty.

You bad seed. Honestly, unless you lead him on in some way I don’t think that’s really that bad. I mean, you didn’t keep it going or anything, so it could’ve been much worse.