If yall ever wonder what it looks like in the middle of nowhere


Congrats on the ticket being expunged. I guess that would be the right word. Also, Happy October!

Thanks! I was so nervous I wouldn’t be able to explain myself well, but all I had to do was tell him that it was an emergency and show him my vet paperwork and he took care of it.


psst hey there I know you don't really do advice and all but you've always seemed really wise to me so I was wondering if I could throw a question out there for you? I'm currently in a ldr but there's like a two year age gap between my boyfriend and I so even if we met up irl we couldn't really do anything. Then there's this guy who lives near me who keeps trying to get in my pants and I kind of want to go for it but I don't want to lose my boyfriend? What would you do in this situation?

This is a tough situation. I’m not really one for long distance relationships period, but I think if I were in your shoes Id go for the guy who lives near you because ldrs take a lot of work and trust and honesty and you may not ever see them in person. But that’s just me, you do what you think is better for you in the long run.

I got my speeding ticket fixed so there goes one problem off of my list.

boy: what that mouth do
me: talk shit

Favorite AHS character?

Mary Eunice or Misty probably.

Trick or tr(eat me out) 🎃


taking good nudes is a lot of work